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After being a part of various runners’ groups like Cult Runners, Indiranagar runners & at the moment — Adidas Runners for a change of training. But I’m just loving it! I love the customizable training for runners of all paces. Being trained under Ankita Gaur, a Berlin Marathoner is a dream come true for me.

Before every race, there’s also a meditation practice the previous day evening. Listing the steps so that any of you can practice. Here you go —

Step 1: We got to write down these questions & answer these within a minute or two.

  1. The goal of the Run — Eg: Non-stop run for beginners, amateurs &write down your PB for regular, elite & pro runners.
  2. Rate your confidence between 1 & 5 based on the training you received. Eg: 4.5
  3. List. the top 5 scenarios in case you derail. Eg: Running late at the venue, multiple Breaks, untied shoelaces, the rain, the potholes & jumping the puddles, lost sight of the group, uncomfortable sportswear, etc.
  4. Now, negate the scenarios. List the things that are in your control. Eg: Going to bed early, setting up 2–3 alarms, enjoying the run in the rain & muddy splash, laying out the best workout gear.

Step 2: Box breathing followed by 4–7–8 breathing technique.

Step 3: Visualisation for 8 to 10 mins (My favorite part of the meditation)

Try to hear your breathing, in spite of the noises in the surrounding.

Observe your breath.

Go back to the time where you felt strongest, fittest & stronger — A run or hike or a trek or your PR on the deadlift, etc. Feel the same feeling.

Imagine that you are watching yourself, running & crossing your finish line. Imagine that you are watching a movie of your own & see yourself as an external person & gradually move into yourself. Enter into your own self. Live that moment right now. Feel the strength of that day.

Observe your breath if you feel distracted if you are unable to visualize. Be in the moment.

You are in the moment you felt stronger. Get that energy.

Image a golden ball of energy coming out of yourself from your past & make that enter in your present moment. Giving you all the strength that you need right now. With this energy you claimed, now visualize start your 5K.

Visualize the start of the run. Every problem that you thought of disappears now. You feel stronger in each step. Pick up your pace, you are running string as you imagined. You can see that ball of energy within you.

In no time, you see the finish line. With all the energy you are left with, catching your breath you touch the finish line. You have now achieved your goal.

Visualize the training process that you went through with your coach, the early mornings, the sweat, the friends, being disciplined, now you see the success of your hard work with the medal in your hand. The goal is reached feeling the strongest. Come back to your own home, open your eyes. What are the colors you see in the room? Observe the sizes & shapes in your own room.

P.S. Leaving you with my favorite run affirmations or self-talk I practice during the run.

You are at your strongest at the moment.

Run your strongest.

Do NOT let one single event define your worth.

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