My Happy Place

  • Go to a place where people’s eyes light up when they see your presence.
  • Go to a place where people are working on their aspirations & have zero judgments.
  • Go to a place where your salary is paid in genuine laughter together.
  • Pick up the paintbrush, the guitar, the pen, and the notebook, and go to a place that makes you forget how old you are because it brings all the color and life back into your soul.
  • Go to a place where you lean in for a kiss from your companion in the middle of the street. Let everyone see the kind of love that makes you feel like a teenager again.
  • Go to a place where people take their time with every sip of your coffee that you drink from a little ceramic mug at a cafe on the side of the road as you watch people pass by, wondering what their story is.
A girl living in the present & being grateful for the moment
  • Go to a place where the fresh air & breeze makes you happy & pretty on the inside out.
  • Go to a place where everyone’s day begins with Gratitude journaling — be it school or work.
  • We’re told worthiness comes from how productively you fill-up minute-by-minute slots in your calendar, yet we rarely hear about how our hearts fill up when we watch the joy of things around us like chasing a butterfly. Free up your schedule, you have nowhere to be. The only time is now.
  • Go to a place where you can hear music around every corner, live music played passionately by artists wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the hours of patient practice streaming into their calloused fingertips. Let yourself feel that music in your bones.
  • Go to a place where you see graffiti walls & anybody can freestyle in their dance forms for the audience.
  • Go to a place where you can switch between your hobbies every quarter & fall in love with your progress.
  • Go to a place where there are no taxes for the happiest & the healthiest.
  • Let yourself fall in love with the rhythm of hope and maybe dance along the way, inspiring others with your freedom, showing them how you broke free of the chains that once held you.
  • Go to a place where the walls are painted with visions of paradise, masterpieces of creativity; somewhere where people draw and color and pierce their bodies because what is life without art, without expression of your place in this world?
  • Go somewhere filled with play and the sounds of laughter, groups of friends who love each other, despite how different they might seem, because the hearts connect us all.
  • Go somewhere that inspires you, learnings take you to a state of trance, & hunger leading to learning more & prosper.
  • Somewhere your senses are heightened, where food tastes better because it’s more than just fuel.
  • Go somewhere the sunrise of a new day fills you with hope & the sunset leads you to count your blessings.

Let yourself be open to the possibilities that lie in uncertainty and adventure. Follow where it takes you, with no end goal, and document every moment along the way. I promise you will find beauty in this journey.

Find the courage to say hello and learn something new, knowing that all of you are welcomed.

A Cheerful Girl



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Prathima D

Prathima D

I write about Dance, Fitness, Relationships, Product reviews and the self. My goal is to write something that will inspire or touch the heart and soul ❤