What makes one can feel secluded & lonely in the workplace —

  • “Oh you don’t drink right, what do you actually do on weekends then?”
  • “Oh you don’t eat non-veg, how do you eat just paneer & greens to stay fit?”
  • “You might fall behind the rest of your teammates if you do not pick up this task”
  • “So, you do not consume cake even on your birthday & your colleagues?”
  • “ Do you count your calorie-intake for every meal?”
  • “How do you wake up at 5 every single day?”
  • “I shop only at Zara, what about yours?
  • “ Why is that you do not apply kajal or have you ever used a lipstick?”
  • “We are going upstairs for a smoke up. I think you would be fine here right? “
  • “Oh you do Gymnastics? Have you ever sprained or injured?”
  • “We play COD, DoTA2 or Poker. But don’t usually play games right?”
    -”You are always the first person leaving the office parties. You gotta go today as well is it?”
  • “When do you take a break from your gym & dance classes?”

In my opinion, people judge no matter what we do. How ambitions & passionate one is towards their extra-curriculars apart from excelling at their work.

I believe we should lend a deaf ear to the people who do not acknowledge to our interests. Favouritism exists everywhere. Do not expect to be one’s favourite & get influenced into bad habits. Please do not get into peer pressure. Be what you are. I understand this might lead to be secluded from the gossips/secrets from work. But that’s not we are here for.

It may be irrelevant to the workplace, yet toxic environments lead to mental stress on the employees. What’s your opinion?

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