Life of a single girl (-_-*)

During our school and college days, we usually have so many friends; so our day and night would revolve around them.

Social networking would be flooded with messages, WhatsApp notifications and so on even though we meet each other in person every day.

But there are times when your best friends’ gets married and move to far away cities to have a family of their own.

I am happy for their well being, but at the same time it’s those nights where they suddenly appear in our dream and they are not around you any more in the next morning. This hurts.

There are times when you feel so lonely that you start looking at your close friends’ last seen status on What’s App.

Its those friends who are a step closer to your heart whom mean the universe to us.

Life is a mystery. People will come and go but if they have an effect on us, this implies that we have been attached to them emotionally.

With whom do I share about my crushes encountered? About my secret goals? About the peeping toms in between the iMac who asks me out, my updated bucket lists, my new dresses, my arguments with someone, web series, my love life and so on.

But you promised to be with me all along. Is it just a time zone issue or you forgot me and moved on with your busy life?

I miss you, bestie!

Dedicated to Subiya Naz ❤❤

I write about Dance, Fitness, Relationships, Product reviews and the self. My goal is to write something that will inspire or touch the heart and soul ❤