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Dating app for Millennials

Prathima D
4 min readMar 3, 2020

Product — Lean Hustlers

Who are the users?

  • College going girls & boys above 18 years pursuing any form of physical activities which needs skill & training.
  • Working men & women between age of 20 & above with basic skill set from Dance, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Marathoners, Golf, tri-athletes, so on.
  • Independent artists, Dancepreneurs, Entrepreneurs aged between 18 & above, Trained contortionists, ballet dancers and so on.

What “metrics of goodness” do your target customers care about? Does your product dominate every available alternative on these metrics? What’s the unique selling proposition of your product?

  • Match based on skills levels
  • Match based on Fitness levels
  • Match based on viewers of same Netflix shows. Eg: Yeh Ballet, Ultimate Beastmaster.

What are the other verticals you would like to target given that the current app is a trend like Tik Tok?

  • A dating app that’s only for singles who have a minimum credit score of 650 :) That’s been on my mind since a long time.
  • Dating app for Pet owners. Isn’t that so lovely?

What is the essence of their dissatisfaction? If they read this answer, would they say “thanks, I wish I’d thought of putting it that way”?

“I was always inspired by Gymnasts and contortionists as an audience in Circus. But I never got a chance to train in these skillset. I wish I could date or learn from someone who is a part of Lean Hustlers! They are so talented!
But I can’t register since I don’t have any of these skills nor videos to upload or go live performing any of these skills and I will be marked fake user.

What are you building for them?

  • Date-to-Marry-Equals

Write a tweet from a hypothetical customer explaining the product and how it eliminates their dissatisfaction.

“I dated a B-boyer who was great at his skills and used to participate at the jams. We met onstage and shared positive vibes and then we have been practicing together. We have the same thought process be it dance or the approach of life. I’m glad we met!”

“I met my life-partner who taught me the perfect golf swing out of so many instructors I trained under.”

“We met at the pool while training for Ironman. We were on the same pace during running and pushed each other when one of us slowed down. We train together, eat healthy, prep and compete together. That’s the best part of our relationship.”

“As a crossfit lover, I love handstand walks and love to pair mine with another friend in the crossfit box. We corrected each other while training to be among the best and one day he approached me to be his life-partner after being a long time workout-partner!”

“I met this dope Hip Hop Dancer at a Dance competition & we have been great friends. Our fitness levels, training and eating habits are very similar. I just love it when we both perform for events as a duo.”

Write a blog post title for your product launch. Is it surprising? Is it new? Will your target customers want to click on it? Will they want to share the link? Will they still share it the next day?

Title — Lean Hustlers — Perfect Fit/ Your Personal Dating Assistant

Subtitle — An app that provides suggestions on whom to date who share similar passions like yours!

Write the first paragraph of your product announcement blog post. Include the product name, an explanation of what the product is, the target market, the main benefit, and the call to action.

Nobody is perfect but your hunt for the next partner can be! Join the talented, and ambitious singles who are rockstars in their own journey. To showcase your skills, and find the match — join Lean Hustlers on App store and the PlayStore now!

What are the most important features that your first MVP will have?

  • Onboarding via choosing a skill and uploading the most recent content on the platform.
  • Geolocation matching, offline matching algorithm-based features.
  • Match making with the list of users with the same skill set as yours.
  • Profile details such as nutrition, detox, reading, trainings, certifications completed, Upcoming events will be shared only when the profile is a match from both the sides.
  • Go live feature during training for viewers, comments, smileys is open.
  • DM is available for chats for matched profiles.
  • Tips, fitness related progressions, myths, corrections, skill sharing videos populates on the home feed.
  • Retention metrics — Streak and Referral policy.
  • In-app currency — Coins.
  • Report or Block feature for inappropriate comments.
  • FAQ & Help options.

What is the USP of the product?

  • When injured/travelling/break from training, the profile can be marked inactive with a pinned post. Match option remains inactive at this point. But the feed and rest of the options will be available as is.
  • If you are not looking for partner, you can still be in the app with inactive mode for match, yet be a viewer.

What are the adjacent markets that you would want to capture in the long term?

  • Tie up with skill classes.
  • Upcoming Youtubers.
  • Tie up with Personal trainer.
  • Online tutorials for skill sessions.
  • Educating people about latest trends in being healthy.
  • Promotions of various events, competitions, jams, so on.

What is the most ambitious achievable milestone for your product within a 2 year time horizon?

  • No. of sign ups, active users, referrals.
  • Made by Indians for Indians.
  • Promoting fitness, sports, healthy habits, and good health.
  • Sustainable clothing Eg: Bamboo clothing, athleisure, sports wear.
  • The youth following their passion & making it big in their domain.
  • Promotion for several skill sessions — Make in India, Fit India campaigns.

P.S. Here’s a glimpse of the wireframes of the dating app on my Behance Profile.



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