100 things to be grateful for

  1. Watching the sunrise, sunset
  2. A pleasant walk in the fresh air watching the moon
  3. Your favorite t-shirt
  4. First coffee in the morning
  5. Looking outside the window from Namma Metro
  6. Watching an animated movie
  7. A cold shower on a hot day
  8. Being self-motivated effortlessly
  9. The feeling you get when you relax your shoulders and realize how tense you were
  10. Fresh flowers and candles in your apartment
  11. Lazy Sundays
  12. Video calls with friends
  13. Listening to music from your friends’ playlist via screen share
  14. Planning a trip
  15. Taking a day off work
  16. A long run or swim
  17. A much needed HIIT session
  18. A nap when you really need one
  19. When a meeting gets canceled
  20. Receiving a letter in the mail
  21. Finding something you love on sale
  22. City lights on the street after it rained
  23. Checking things off your to-do list
  24. Your favorite song coming on the radio
  25. Feeling comfortable with someone
  26. Going out to dinner with someone you love
  27. My stack of medals on the wall
  28. Dinner during sunset
  29. Sacrificing the sleep for a friend abroad
  30. Clean sheets & pillow
  31. Organized wardrobe
  32. Clean kitchen
  33. The aroma from the diffuser
  34. Finally having a job you love
  35. Drafting a crisp & clear business email
  36. When a colleague appreciates your efforts
  37. Listening to rain as you fall asleep
  38. A book you can’t put down
  39. Manifesting your dreams turning into reality
  40. A group hug
  41. Going up the stage & shining
  42. Being a good host for your loved ones
  43. The package you’ve been waiting for finally arriving
  44. Feeling comfortable in your skin
  45. Appreciation from someone special when you are in your PJs
  46. When an old friend texts you to see how you are
  47. The feeling you get after a workout
  48. Treating yourself to room service
  49. Loving someone more than you can explain
  50. Big, tight hugs that make you feel wanted and loved
  51. The smell of a bookstore
  52. A fast-food run when you’re really craving it
  53. A peck on the forehead
  54. A flight take-off
  55. Treating yourself to room service
  56. A pat on the back
  57. New stationery
  58. When they’re waiting for you at the train station
  59. The way sunlight shines through trees
  60. Scrolling through Pinterest and seeing pictures that inspire you
  61. Finding money you forgot about
  62. Getting a massage or a haircut
  63. Writing down one thing you are grateful for every day
  64. Genuinely feeling happy for someone else.
  65. Apologizing and resolving an issue with someone
  66. Learning a new skill outside your comfort zone
  67. When your coach appreciates your efforts
  68. When things aren’t logical, but you have faith anyway
  69. The feeling you get when you know the lockdown/pandemic is over
  70. Leaving the windows open all-day
  71. Mornings when you truly got enough sleep
  72. Payday
  73. The fact that you can start again tomorrow
  74. Candlelight
  75. The smell of saltwater while reading at the beach
  76. Finally standing up for yourself
  77. A text from someone who you were thinking about
  78. Having what you need at the exact moment you need it
  79. New shoes, a dress that fits perfectly
  80. Having technology on your side
  81. The realization that this too shall pass
  82. Truly, genuinely and completely not caring what other people think
  83. Seeing someone go out of their way to do something for you
  84. Finding a religious practice/prayer that truly works for you
  85. The day you decide to live your life for yourself, and only yourself.
  86. Hearing kids making each other laugh
  87. Getting a random package in the mail
  88. When someone surprises you with your favorite thing
  89. When someone tells you it’s going to be okay and you actually believe them
  90. Living your dream life in your dream home
  91. The smell of fresh air after having been in an office all-day
  92. Doing what you thought to be impossible
  93. Finding your favorite pen, or a bobby pin when you need it
  94. Standing on the beach and letting the waves hit your legs
  95. Finding your favorite pen, or a bobby pin when you need it
  96. When kids draw pictures for you
  97. Getting rid of a bad habit
  98. Progressing in your personal & personal life
  99. Audience loving your performance on stage
  100. Realizing the person you love, loves you back



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Prathima D

I write about Dance, Fitness, Relationships, Product reviews and the self. My goal is to write something that will inspire or touch the heart and soul ❤